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New: Retro Glass Jug

Timeless elegance

Elevate your table with a 330ml Retro Glass Jug, blending classic design and durable hardened glass.

Durable glass

Crafted from resilient thick glass, this jug ensures lasting quality, making it perfect for everyday use with a touch of vintage charm.

Versatile charm

The Retro Glass Jug’s classic silhouette effortlessly complements any setting, making it the ideal choice for serving beverages with style and flair.

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Eclectic finds, ethical delights

Transformed my daily routine with unique, eco-friendly treasures. Exceptional quality and service. Proud to support a store that aligns with my values.

~ Sophia K.

Sip, Shop, Savor

The organic coffee beans are a revelation. Each sip feels like a journey. Beautifully crafted accessories add a touch of elegance to my home.

~ Liam M.


From sustainably sourced teas to chic vases, this store is a treasure trove. Love knowing my purchases contribute to a greener planet.

~ Ava L.


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